'HUES.' artwork, courtesy Avant Garden Records

After capturing our attention for much of the past year, Unusual Demont on Friday unleashed his debut HUES. EP.

The Los Angeles-based artist fuses sound and color on the perfectly titled project, which he wrote and recorded entirely in his hometown Madison, Wisconsin. One of this week's best releases, it's reflective of an artist facing conflicts while simply trying to get by, finding solace and inspiration flipping through the pages of a magazine.

"I wrote and recorded all of HUES. during an extremely low point in my life—wake up, go to a job I didn’t care about, go to bed, repeat," recalls Unusual Demont. "I just remember constantly looking for something that would make me feel a little better inside, just the slightest warmth. On a random day I picked up a magazine—right then the colors from the page grabbed my attention and filled me with a contentment I hadn’t felt in a long time. From that day on everywhere I looked I began to see colors more vibrant than before, and suddenly that warmth I had been searching for started to return."

He adds: "The world is dark and I want this project and these songs to be a light, even if dim at times. I’m so excited to share these sounds and hope you enjoy."

Hear HUES. below.