Nuria Rius

Emerging artist Sam Friedman (aka Past Palms) is back with new music from an upcoming EP, which will arrive perfectly timed for Earth Day on April 22.

Past Palms has been gifting us with "music to water your plants to" over the past few years, but on Friday, the producer shared a lush new track called "Meditation II: Monstera," the celestial first offering from the aforementioned Ambient Music for Watering Plants EP.

As the title suggests, the project pays homage to Brian Eno's seminal 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports, traversing meditative and experimental soundscapes with emphasis on capturing the textures and emotions of common houseplants.

Given the madness and chaos of current times, "Meditation II: Monstera" is a gentle reminder to pause and listen. Not to play something in the background, but to actually listen. And we could use a little more of that right now.