Photo courtesy artist

Aaron Taos on Friday released his new project Closure & Campari: After Hours, the companion or second part to last year's Closure & Campari.

The new project includes Taos' previously released cuts such as "Vertigo," featuring Worry Club, as well as "Closure," featuring Calica, in addition to his new single "In My Head," a collaboration with Carter Ace. And while the first installation largely seemed to make lemonade of a post-breakup situation, this edition is more of a somber if not darker offering.

"Like the first installation, the album chronicles the grey space of a post-breakup aftermath," says Taos. "However, if the first C&C surveys the lighter more positive outlook of a relationship split, C&C After Hours is its moodier cousin. Beginning with the more upbeat 'Mine,' the album moves into darker territory, touching on the vices that come with heartbreak."

Hear the full record below.