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We know there's a lot going on right now and there's so much new music released this one, but allow us to highlight the new record from VHS Collection.

As we've previously mentioned, the New York trio has had some great singles leading up to today's release of Night Drive. Now, the album itself is one of our favorites out this week. Living up to its title, the record is like the perfect soundtrack for a late-night ride to anywhere or absolutely nowhere at all, listening through your headphones as you pretend it's not 20 degrees outside or that the world hasn't gone mad.

“Driving at night on some long highway, blasting music by yourself, or with friends, or with your girlfriend," says guitarist and producer Conor Cook. "That has always been one of the most important musical experiences for me. There’s nothing quite like those moments. That’s when you really appreciate the importance of a great song.”

Adds singer James Bohannon: “There’s something magical that happens when it’s nighttime, you’ve got music on, and you’re driving. We’ll make it work, we’ll figure it out. The ups and downs, the obstacles, we’ll persevere and figure it out. We gotta keep on trucking.”

And whether intended or not, that universal message ultimately seems very timely. Hear the full record now out on Tiger Tone / [PIAS].