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New York City trio VHS Collection has shared a new song called "The Deep End," and we're in love.

The song is brimming with a nostalgic, late-night drive energy, and a rich, '80s-infused undercurrent which make it an absolutely perfect anthem to soundtrack an episode of Netflix's Sex Education (if you've watched the show, you know it has a very carefully handpicked soundtrack ranging from throwback gems to underground pop).

"'The Deep End' was written on one of our last trips to L.A. before travel stopped," says the band. "It was written pretty organically, one part flowing into the next. We really fell in love with the pre-chorus drop as soon as we came up with it and wanted to build around it. The verse is shouty and sparse, describing someone who's angry/confused with their way in the world, searching for meaning or something better."

The group adds: "It's a track about finding where you fit, and searching for comfort and companionship in trickier times."

It's a preview of their upcoming album, which is perfectly titled Night Drive. It's out Feb. 22 via Tiger Tone / [PIAS].

Hear "The Deep End" below.