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While it might be early in the year, Joseph Salvat is starting out strong with an album next month. And now, he has shared a new song from the forthcoming record.

His new single "Promiscuity" is out now, a "sex positive" gem off the new album, Islands, which is out in full on Feb. 18. It finds Salvat showcasing new levels of confidence, following last year's "One More Night," in which he vividly described giving an ex-lover oral sex.

“I would describe it first and foremost as sex positive,” says Salvat of "Promiscuity." He adds: "It’s also a little nihilistic. But if the world is gonna go to shit in a big burning bang, I’d advocate for that to be a big burning bang of love over fury and division. Everyone needs to chill out, let go of others’ shame and expectations, and get laid more often. No taboo here.”

Hear the new song below.