Milly Cope

Earlier this fall, rising artist Matt Ryder grabbed our attention (as he tends to do) with his new single "Lips."

Well, on Friday, the 18-year-old newcomer released his entire new project, a new EP called Escape, which further defines the Birmingham-born, London-based musician as one to watch. The new EP also includes his recent single "Run."

"This EP has been a massive journey for me," says Ryder of the new release. "I started making this music when I was 16—at the start of lockdown—and finished when I was 18. It really was an emotional rollercoaster. Over the course of the EP, I came to terms with my own sexuality and relationships, went through classic coming-of-age stories and discovered so many different parts of myself and my life."

He adds: "I wrote this during a big change in my life. Things were pretty crazy but what helped was immersing myself in electronic music. Hope you all enjoy it."

Listen to the full EP below. It might be exactly what you needed.