Milly Cope

Matt Ryder is just unstoppable.

The Birmingham-born, London-based artist continues to wow us, now with his latest single "Lips." The track arrived Friday and it's riveting, further indication of the singer's ability to put so much raw emotion and intense vocals into a capsule.

“I feel as though 'Lips' is almost a love song but far from," says Ryder. "When writing it, I began to see a lot of decay in my trust for other people and the ones I cared for; people closest to me were turning their back on me and I felt strangely OK with it, their loss aha. But yes, 'Lips' came from a place that should’ve been the least lonely situation but actually showed itself to be one of the most isolating times of my life."

Ryder continues: "The person I was dating had so much control over me and I didn’t know how to feel when they would do something wrong and intentionally make me take the blame or the fall. Weirdly I loved it, I think it made me feel something and at a time I was very numb. So pretty sad really."

Hear "Lips" below.