Milly Cope

Rising British newcomer Matt Ryder has released his new ORBIT EP. And while it's only three tracks, it's a breathtaking listen.

The 17-year-old Birmingham-based singer and multi-instrumentalist recently made waves with his single "Not the Same" and his debut 50FT EP. Now, he finds himself stripping away layers of production, allowing his delicate vocals to shine.

"'Orbit' as a track has to be one of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done," says Ryder. "It allowed me to take a step back and really write from the heart. Mainly in this track I am exploring things from my past and my experience in lockdown; I let my mind wonder to different places and times then used that as a way to write. I just opened myself up.”

He continues: "I think the EP as a whole felt like such a jump for me, I’ve never really released or created anything as raw or open as the tracks that I have made here. I almost see the EP as a breather to allow air and space between releases. I would love to think that this music can show people a different side of me they wouldn’t necessarily see in my highly produced tracks.”

Hear the full EP below.