Jonny Villegas

Back in October, emerging artist Austin Harms shared his new song "depression." Today, he is back with another new track called "lighthouse."

The poignant new cut is the second preview of the music-maker's upcoming five-song EP, which is expected to arrive next year. Once again, he is further drawing on hip-hop influences while showcasing very earnest, forthcoming lyricism, reflective of dark moments from his own personal experience.

"'Lighthouse' is the second chapter of the story," says Harms. "I had been working on the track for a while and I just kept picturing being stranded in the ocean, trying to find my way home in the dark but having no sense of direction. The song came from being really low, depressed, alone, empty—then feeling a need to fill that emptiness with someone else, wanting to be saved by someone."

He adds: "It’s both a song about longing and a song that’s reflective of unhealthy patterns of dependency in a relationship that can sometimes go hand-in-hand with depression and mental illness."

Hear "lighthouse" below.