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Paul Wright and Tim Harrington (aka Tall Heights) are back with new music today.

The duo on Tuesday released their enchanting new single "Raindrop," a song about knowing when a relationship isn't a healthy one and choosing to move on. Says Harrington:  “Sometimes a relationship can get intense in the wrong place and time. So, in the end, it’s a song about choosing which relationships deserve your all, and when to let things go and move on with your life.”

The pair adds: "'Raindrop' is a song about seizing control of one's own emotional journey. Outsiders often assume our lifestyles as 'touring musicians' exist categorically at odds with our more important roles as 'husbands' and 'dads.' We've all seen the movies, and although it's at least partially true that life on the road is laced with recklessness and impulsivity, we believe it doesn't have to be a fickle existence. Human feelings, as involuntary and potentially inconvenient as they may present, are like sourdough starter: if nurtured they will grow, but you don't always have to sprinkle flour on it."

This is the latest preview off the duo's full-length album Juniors, which is coming Jan. 14. It follows the recent release of their standout track "Locked Out," which arrived earlier this fall.

"Raindrop" can be heard below.