Mitchell Wojcik

In the middle of such uncertain times, Paul Wright and Tim Harrington (aka Tall Heights) are back with new music in the form of their new single "Locked Out."

The emotional, breathtaking new track is out now and it comes ahead of the duo's full-length album Juniors, which is coming Jan. 14. The song is largely inspired by personal hardship over the past year, with delicate vocals and stirring lyrics reflective of very relatable feelings given the state of the world over the past couple of years.

According to the duo, the track was directly inspired by Wright's wife Liz's struggle with anxiety and depression. "As she navigated the depths, I felt powerless to be a voice of reason and optimism, unable to cheer her up with happy memories and thoughts," says Wright. "Because anything I said was drowned out by her internal voice of doubt and self-recrimination."

He adds: "Ultimately I realized how I needed to be there physically even as she was miles away in her head."


Hear "Locked Out" below.