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VHS Collection is in a really good space right now, with another winning single in the form of their latest, "Space Between Us."

The enamoring new track arrived this past week, following their other recent standout "The Deep End." And with this latest offering, we are definitely spellbound, as the trio made up of James Bohannon, Conor Cook and Nils Vanderlip explores fate and love with a nostalgic-sounding gem, which will quickly draw you in until you're swimming in a sea of glowing synths and enchanting vocals.

"'Space Between Us' is about longing for true connection," says the trio. "It’s about the desire to put aside the trivial things in life and be at peace with the one you love. We wrote this song several years ago but hadn’t come up with a production we liked. The version you hear now is the result of several attempts at the song. This production is influenced by U2’s 'With or Without You,' with an electronic twist."

Check out the new song below.