Max Alo

After releasing the first part of their new album Get A Good Look earlier this year, Oklahoma outfit Sports is back with new music, just in time for the weekend.

Now a duo made up of Cale Chronister and Christian Theriot, they have shared their new song "Ordinary Man," a gauzy yet very personal offering, as it's rooted back to Chronister's upbringing, marking a moment of defiance and independence for the singer.

“This song is about my adolescence, specifically wanting to break out of my family’s mold," says Chronister. "Realizing I didn’t want to dress like everyone else; Realizing I didn’t like church; Realizing I could be anyone I wanted. It's an anthem about the birth of self-creation.”

Chronister adds: “I’ve never been more proud of a song we’ve made than 'Ordinary Man.' I love showing it to people, because it usually surprises them. The first time we played the intro for our friends they couldn’t tell if we were joking or not, but that’s exactly the response I crave. I genuinely don’t care if people like it, because I know it’s good.”

Hear it for yourself now.