Josefine Cardoni

Ben Kessler has linked up with Lizzy McAlpine for a new collaboration, and once again they've made some simply perfect sad pop in the form of their new track "I Think I."

The emotional, confessional new cut arrived Friday, and it follows their song "False Art," which was released last fall and depicted a couple whose picture-perfect relationship is exactly the opposite of how it appears.

"'I Think I' is about unintentionally hurting the people closest to you," says Kessler of the new track. "I brought the idea to Lizzy and she took off with it—Lizzy is such a talent and I’m so grateful to be able to create with her."

As with "False Art," the lyrics are raw and agonizing, but it's hard to deny Kessler and McAlpine's musical magic together.

Hear "I Think I" below.