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Ben Kessler is back with new music, and this time he's recruited singer Lizzy McAlpine for a collaboration.

Their new single "False Art" is out now, inspired by the picture-perfect relationship which isn't as things appear. It's accompanied by an animated video which really puts the heartbreaking lyrics into perspective, a reflection of two people who are Insta-happy together but really falling apart when nobody's watching.

“‘False Art’ is about the kind of relationships where you put up a facade to cover up how bad the relationship truly is,” says Kessler. “I made this track with Lizzy McAlpine who has an incredibly engaged fanbase that has yet to hear her sing on a pop-leaning track like ‘False Art’. Sonically, this song is more adventurous than my other releases––I am combining my favorite pop elements with my indie electronic influences which range from the likes of SG Lewis to BAYNK.”

While the context is despairing, the upside is how perfectly Kessler and McAlpine's vocals compliment each other, making for a tender yet earnest collaboration.

Hear "False Art" below.