Kevin Amato

After capturing our attention last summer, newcomer Claudia Valentina is back with new music.

She has shared a riveting new single called "C’est La Vie," and it's definitive proof her burst onto the scene last year was anything but a fluke. The new track follows her debut self-titled EP, which arrived in November.

‘C’est La Vie’ is about my self-destructive ‘fuck it that’s life attitude,’” says Valentina. “I wrote it about my journey as a musician trying to make it since I was a kid and my all-or-nothing mentality of going hard or going home. It’s about not taking life too seriously and, even when things aren’t going your way, you just have to get up and keep on the hustle. My way of coping with pretty much everything that goes wrong is to laugh it off. Also, it’s my first turn-up song, which is an introduction to where I’m heading with future music.”

As we prepare for that upcoming music, "C’est La Vie" sets the right vibe. Add it to your summer soundtrack.

Hear the new song below.