Photo courtesy artist

Black Sands is the alt-pop, R&B artist sharing his emporium of talent and raw personal experiences in the new five-track EP entitled Afterglow. Featuring artist Martino on three of the tracks, the R&B glaze is prominent throughout. With a twist of pop and a flair of experimentalism, the EP brims with a fresh and modern pizzazz.

After the tragic loss of his sister, Black Sands explores his grief and acceptance of loss in the EP, drawing on inspiration from the likes of The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and The 1975. Opening up and giving an honest entrance to the California born artist, his music is passion-fueled and driven from a deep place of emotion. With powerful synths, diverse drum pad dances, huge pop vocals and a darker, melancholic tone, Afterglow carries a mix of feelings reflective of the healing process. The bittersweet aura sonically touches on his deep love for his sister, as well as the sadness and pain from loss. It’s a collision of hot and cold oceans, full of depth and mystery.

The stand out track “Frozen” featuring Martino is a big soaring pop track doused in euphoria and pure love. Written about his sister, the track touches on the feeling of being frozen in time, unable to accept or move on from the sudden, tragic loss. The single feels happy and uplifting, perhaps in the fond memory of his sister, but cut with a subtlety of pain and heartache. A truly powerful song, sure to elicit powerful emotions.

Listen to the EP below and follow Black Sands on his website.