Jade Ehlers

Perfectly timed for the season, Los Angeles-based newcomers goth gf have delivered their entry for song of summer with their new single "Bleach."

On the sun-drenched track, singer-songwriter Zach DeGaetano and music director Carter Vaughan declare their intention to "get the fuck out of California," with blissful defiance. It's the kind of bedroom boy band pop which satisfy the tastes of music lovers who stan the likes of LANY, joan and Nightly.

The song is reflective of making rash life decisions after a breakup, like bleaching your hair. “It doesn’t work,” the band says. “Yet...we keep doing it every. single. time.” 

"Bleach" is a preview of the duo's upcoming EP, which will feature a "Backseat" version of each of the included tracks, a stripped down re-imagination of each song recorded and filmed in the backseat of a Volvo while traveling along the West Coast. (The Backseat rendition of "Bleach" arrives on July 16.)

For now, fall in love with "Bleach" below.