Colby Lafayette in 'DUMMY DUDE' video

As Colby Lafayette continues to tease his upcoming second EP FOR YOU, he has now shared his latest single "DUMMY DUDE."

“I wanted something that wasn’t so serious," he says of the new song. "We do stupid shit for love; we change for it. I was just offering up a chance to have whatever they wanted in a way that actually feels real.”

It's the last preview of the full EP, which is out July 27 via boutique label Dreams Never Die. And it's such a big, thrashing cut, accompanied by a video which sees Lafayette performing the song alongside a band on a rotating stage. While the band is largely stationary, Lafayette is seen jumping around, frantic and feverish, showcasing a physical energy which is Anthony Kiedis meets Tyler, the Creator.

It's that energy which makes Lafayette such an enigmatic figure. As he takes to moshing solo, bringing the camera on a dizzying journey, he implies maybe he's dangerous. But almost in the same frame, he demonstrates an undeniable likability and charm. Dangerous or not, he's demanding our attention. And he's got it.

Watch the video for "DUMMY DUDE" below.