Photo courtesy artist

After starting 2021 strong, Los Angeles duo and Variance favorites slenderbodies have released their new project are we?, and it's impossible to ignore.

Is it an album or an EP? For the sake of discussion, it's not quite a full-on record, but it's the perfect project to—borrowing a lyric from their song "heartbeat"—just "wash away" everything that is the last year and a half. 

To coincide with the release, the pair has also shared a video for their new song "mirror."

"'mirror' is a song about coveting someone, falling in love with them and pursuing friendship even though you want nothing more than to tell them everything you feel about them," says the duo. "This song is painted over the backdrop of them moving away, and how at the last moment everything fades away except the feelings toward them. We wanted to make a song for those who find the time and space to share how they feel, as well as those who carry the feelings with them and aren’t able to express them to the person they love."

Watch the video and hear the full are we? project below.