Andrew Gulledge

Michigan Rattlers have confirmed their new album That Kind of Life is finally coming next month.

The roots-rock outfit has shared the title track off the upcoming sophomore record, which will be released May 19 via their own label Massasauga Records. We've been waiting for this album for some time, as they kicked things off early last year with the standout single "Desert Heat" and "Like a Kid."

“We’re putting this record out a year later than we intended to,” says frontman Graham Young. “At this point, we can in all honestly say that we recorded it years ago, and it’s almost like we are rediscovering it as we introduce it to the world. There has been a lot of growth and self-reflection during the last year, where we’ve been still for the first time in half a decade."

He continues: "Each release for us has felt like a rebirth of sorts; this one especially feels that way. That Kind of Life is a record about relationships and the time we give to other people. That feels a little more valuable now than it did a year ago. As we all slowly emerge from the hibernation of the last year, we’re lucky to be able to share this record and hope it serves a role on the path of rediscovery.”

Watch the video for "That Kind of Life" below.