Photo courtesy artist

Brooklyn artist Peter Wise is back with new music, and this time he's exploring new territory while also accepting the sweet spot he's long known.

His new single "Window Dressing" is out today, and it offers Wise a chance to showcase new confidence in who he is as an artist, tossing other people's opinions out and going with what he already knows and loves. That energy shines bright on the new track, which finds him embracing his pop core and delivering a big, climatic hook.

"I wrote this song two months ago, after getting a stream of feedback and opinions on my career, among other things," recalls Wise. "In response to a lot of this feedback, I was motivated to write an anti-pop song—something very long with a lot of chord changes, a low melody and a guitar solo—a sort of antithesis of the modern pop song."

He continues: "Go figure, when I turned the idea in my head into a voice memo, the song sounded pretty anthemic and pop-y. I ended up self-producing and mixing 'Window Dressing,' so the entire concept became about holding onto my own identity, regardless of other people’s opinions or the world’s expectations."

Hear the new song below.