Declan Creffield

Rising artist Adam Taylor (ADMT) is back with new music, this time his vulnerable new single "Prison."

The song is openly inspired by the challenging past year, reflective of intense moments of isolation, mental health struggles and the extreme uncertainty which has affected so many across the globe but has impacted musicians in very unique ways because a lot of artists rely on live performances for income and yet fall outside of many countries' safety nets in times of disaster.

“I’d be lying if I said of late I’ve not struggled with what’s going on in the world," says Taylor. "When we wrote this song I was sat in my bedroom staring through a computer screen at my friend who I normally would have been with, in person. It was then I sat back and thought although my outlook has remained positive, now is pretty shit compared to how things have been."

He continues: "I think I’d been telling myself I was OK when actually I felt trapped in my own head; although we’ve been confined to our homes, it was my head I wanted to escape from. Feeling like you need a day off from your own thoughts is difficult."

Hear "Prison" below.