Slenderbodies, photo courtesy artist

Slenderbodies and Tim Atlas have teamed up for a new track called "focus."

The new song arrived this past week and it finds Slenderbodies' Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack working with Los Angeles-based artist Atlas for a hazy, entrancing offering which comes as both acts are on the rise.

"Writing this song with Max and Benji was one of the first remote sessions I ever had," recalls Atlas. "We were each in our own studios, but it felt like an unfamiliar creative space at the time. I think that situation forced me to be a little out of my comfort zone as a writer and this song is a result of that. So it was refreshing to write 'focus' in this environment and with two guys I really admire as artists and people."

For their part, Slenderbodies add: "'focus' was written at the beginning of quarantine. When we were catching up with Tim at the start of the session, he mentioned he’d taken a bit of a break from writing recently because the state of the world had been so chaotic that it was difficult to create. We generalized that story to the concept for 'focus' and wrote it about how when we are settling into a task, sometimes the world, friends or responsibilities can take us out of the creative space we try to keep in our heads."

Hear the song below.