Photo courtesy artist

We know the past year has been full of gloom and doom, but that's just the state of the world lately.

And that's reflected in the new single from newcomer Billy & the Devil, led by a mysterious figure who shared their debut single "Even If It Kills Me" on Friday. The song is a chilling offering but it comes from a place which is very relatable.

"When the burden gets too much, sometimes the only choice is to turn your back and walk away. There’s a power in forgiveness and in starting again,” said Billy about the new song. “We all feel the effects of isolation more than ever, and I felt that grip tightening. For a while there, my instinct was to leave everything and everyone I knew behind.”

The new track was produced by Variance favorites The Darcys (aka Wes Marskell and Jason Couse). Billy & the Devil's debut EP is expected later this year.

Hear "Even If It Kills Me" below.