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Los Angeles’ Perry Bancs and New York’s Gem Chantelle join together in new single “Alone Tonight,” talking about their mutual feelings of isolation and the deep yearn to have someone close. 

Soft, subtle tones, oscillating synths and the duo’s velvet vocals create an almost haunting, celestial atmosphere. Combined, the two have crafted a hypnotic experience, with the spellbinding song resonating deep throughout your soul. Opening up about a feeling which we have all endured, one way or another, Bancs and Chantelle show their vulnerability, admitting that it’s natural to feel the need for the company of someone, especially when you’re down in the dumps. 

Bancs shares, “Alone tonight is about not feeling okay mentally but still wanting someone physically there anyway, even if it's just for a night.” With Chantelle adding, “I think everyone has moments where they really just don’t want to be alone. You just need a distraction, so you go back to that one person who can fill the void, even if it’s a dead end relationship and the comfort is only temporary.”

So if you don’t want to be alone, then put this song on repeat and you’ll immediately be reassured in the company of some warming souls.