Photo courtesy artist

Rising West Coast-based rapper JAHMED has released his second EP titled ARMANI.

Forget the Friday release! He's dropping a mid-week dose of high-energy material anchored by sharp, blistering lyricism. It further proves why the newcomer's skillset is not to be ignored.

"ARMANI is a world. ARMANI is love. ARMANI is betrayal," says JAHMED. "ARMANI is resentment. ARMANI is the current state of the world, how it made me feel, and how I overcame it. ARMANI is defeating self-doubt. ARMANI is a process towards gaining clarity. ARMANI is family. ARMANI is finding yourself. ARMANI is redemption.”

In addition to the nine-track release, JAHMED has also shared a video for his song "USAY," which finds the music-maker in the midst of betrayal after being tricked and robbed by two women.

Hear the full EP below.