Photo courtesy artist

Texas duo Field Division have released their new single "Manifest."

The Denton-based outfit made up of Evelyn Taylor and Nick Frampton launched the new track over the weekend. And at times it pulls from a space which is magical yet marked by heaviness.

"'Manifest' came to be in late 2019 as Nick and I recorded a live jam at home," recalls Taylor. "He was on drums and I was on a vintage Yamaha keyboard when we landed on a mesmerizing 6/8 groove. It felt like the stars were aligning for us to create this song. We channeled that cosmic and ethereal energy to create a soundscape that was both dreamy and supportive of our vision on the theme of manifesting."

She adds: "The heaviness of the last year is felt in the melodies and vocal delivery, however the message is how positive thinking and self-awareness of your dreams can help you visualize the future you desire. The lyrics reflect a time when I was suffering from depression and what helped me was acknowledging that the way I direct my thoughts and energy is powerful.”

Hear the new song below.