Austin Dalgleish

Break-ups can be heavy, and we often find ourselves staring face-to-face with the green-eyed monster when it comes to our exes and their current relationship status. However, there’s a sense of empowerment after getting away from that “someone” who has been pulling at your heartstrings all this time.

In Skofee’s “Spiderman (Post Pop Remix)” she explores this scenario and the contradicting emotions that she’s faced with following the break-up. It seems as if the tables have turned in her favor, but still some jealousy remains, as she teeters back and forth between teasing her former partner with intimate, sexy memories they once shared, and then emphatically prying for information on their current relationship.  Her line “do you think about me” says it all.

Skofee’s “Spiderman (Post Pop Remix)” is the latest single from the singer/songwriter following her recent Polished EP. In the remix, Skofee connects with her listeners through passionate, forthright lyrics and ethereal pop sounds, and producer Post Pop takes all the essential elements from her single “Spiderman” to create a vibrant, new mix layered with a hint of 90’s pop, bouncy soundscapes, and animated vocal layering.

Check out Skofee’s “Spiderman (Post Pop Remix)” here, as an ode to the ones who did us wrong!