Photo courtesy artist

“Young Queen” is the latest single from the rising pop star and songwriter Mimoza, who is known for her songwriting on Ava Max’s hit song “Kings & Queens”. In this incredibly powerful and inspiring pop anthem, Mimoza conveys a rich and meaningful message of love, strength, and gratitude for her home country of Albania, and to all the women in the world who continue to raise strong and empowered women. Mimoza was born in Kosovo, but she and her family had to flee the country for Sweden and then Germany as war refugees at a very young age. Now living in the US, Mimoza has a meaningful message to share with the world.

“Young Queen” feels like a true call to celebrate women everywhere, from all cultures and walks of life. The songwriter shares, “I've poured all of myself into this record and I want girls to see themselves as young queens and know their worth. If they are a little happier after listening to this or even a bit more confident, then I've done my job as an artist."

 “Young Queen” oozes with passionate, rich vocals and triumphs with larger than life, contemporary pop production to make this song a 2021 anthem that will inspire women everywhere.