Sakura Bready

NYC singer Lisa Remar enthralls with laidback soul-laced pop. Her debut EP entitled Still Good, bleeds with moody cinematic soundscapes, honey-dipped vocals and infectious melodies. Thematically, Still Good pes into Remar's experience with isolation, intense self reflection and unrequited love. 

Leading single "Halfway to Nowhere" is a confident debut for the songwriter and producer featuring warm soundscapes and layered ethereal vocals. The track was inspired by a trip to Costa Rica when the young singer made a life enhancing decision. Then there is "Fell Into" a dark pop banger about embracing one's own sexuality and "Sonny" a haunting ballad dedicated to a lost love. Still Good is an eight track daring collection of authentic musical vignettes. Remar succeeds in singing with a sense of urgency that is both yearning and confident, a rarity in today's pop music landscape.

Take a listen to Lisa Remar's Still Good now and go on your own journey of self reflection.