Photo courtesy artist

Musical goddess and globe-trotter, Kéren releases a dreamy six-track EP In Form. Written over the period of five years, the EP is a celestial kaleidoscope of sonic colours and life lessons, emanating perspective and introspection as a result of Kéren’s spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Kéren says, “The formation of the songs are sung through my changing iterations of Selves, throughout many pinnacle defining  phases and revelations in my journey” continuing, “relationships ended, realizations were made as well as epiphanies and prayers. Those are encapsulated in this album.” Recorded in the mountains of NYC at Dreamland Studios the EP is a paradise of soundscapes with both Eastern and Western influences. In Form is a tasteful palette of high vibe sounds, vocals and emotions. From vibrant bopping tunes to songs that make you tear up in the empathy of her feelings, the six songs really are a utopia to be indulged and engrossed in.

The sparker of the EP “Love Blinds” is totally hypnotic. Her voice has a smoky tone; the soft vocal riffs and runs are gentle but pack so much power both emotionally and sonically. With gentle flutters of crisp, acoustic strings, muted, glassy melodies and low harmonies the build over the song is euphoric, uplifting and will give you goosebumps. It's delightful.  “Ever Learn” carries a warmth, with lush, bubbling expressions of production. Once again Kéren’s voice is divine. The title is so relatable and is an observation that also contains a more sombre tone. The production takes a minor turn in the middle eight; gently reminding us that if “we never learn to slow down” it can have its repercussions. The song soon bounces back to its sunshine rays, leaving you feeling refreshed by the array of emotion experienced in the song.

Spiritually fueled, In Form is sure to aid in your own enlightenment and journey. Listening from start to finish, each song is perfect alone and holds its own array of production, yet the EP intertwines beautifully. Very much an escape and comfort, it will lighten you up and allow you to cry at the same time. A true work of art and meticulously made.