Susanne Kindt

Following the release of her debut album, Only Child, Sasha Sloan duets with Charlie Puth for the remix of her song "Is It Just Me?" Produced by frequent collaborator King  Henry, Sloan describes the social fears of unpopular opinions and self-conformity that society would disagree rather than agree with. After announcing the remix, Puth expressed his admiration in working with Sloan stating, “I only sing on songs I didn’t write when I wish I wrote them and this is one I really wish I wrote”. 

Throughout the track, Sloan gives an insightful perspective as shares her insecurities through relatable lyrics and references. Rather than sugar-coating, she bares her thoughts without fear as she lists the things she doesn’t like in a lyrical format. To further discuss the influence behind the song, Sloan states:

“I’m completely obsessed with Reddit and I love the subreddit Unpopular Opinion. I knew I wanted to write a song about it. The idea was like, I’m sure that my unpopular opinions are actually popular opinions, but people are too scared to say them out loud. We live in such a hypersensitive climate that I’m scared to say anything, ever. And that isn’t right. We should be able to express ourselves. As scary as this was to put out, it was so much fun to write. It took forever because I wanted to make sure that all my examples were actually somewhat unpopular opinions, but without going too far. You need to be able to sing along.”

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