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Rising duo MONEYPHONE has released a surge of new music this week.

The Toronto-based pair on Friday released their incredible, infectious Faith* mixtape, which they've been teasing for weeks. Made up of two high school friends Enoch Ncube and David May, MONEYPHONE proves on the newly released project that they are definitely one to watch.

"When we moved to Toronto, we spent some time trying to find our footing and where space existed for us in the city," says Ncube. "What we realized is that we have to make our own space. Having a house where people can come in and out and be a part of the process became essential. Music is embedded into the way we live, but music is more than music. It’s also the culture it exists in and the communities that form around it."

Speaking about the mixtape, May says: "To me, it feels like a release. That gasp for air after you've been holding your breath for a while. The Faith* mixtape feels like such a distinct chapter in my life and this song feels like it closes that chapter."

Hear the full mixtape below.