Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles artist BRIDGE kicked off the weekend with a pair of new singles showcasing contrasting angles of his skillset.

First, he has released "Across the Universe," a massive, blistering new cut, accompanied by the single "Around," which is more of a low-key offering but is still as riveting, both showcasing a swagger and brooding vocals on par with someone like The Weeknd.

"I’m a very introverted person,” says BRIDGE of "Across the Universe." "The second half of the song basically describes what my thought process is when I’m alone. And in that particular verse I’m talking about the moment that everything clicked for me. The moment I really observed that this is all connected.”

As for "Around," he says it was "finished in one sitting ... It's a vibe for the fans. We fired up the session and while testing out some sounds I caught a flow and picked up the mic and recorded the main pass in one take.”

Hear both songs below.