Photo courtesy artist

Texan R&B artist Roman Rouge offers up a poignant look into some of his most vulnerable moments in his latest six-track EP, Blood On the Scene. The honest release touches on themes such as toxic relationships, guilt and inner-demons, delivering something for everyone to connect with, even if we don’t want to admit it. Known for his seductive vocals, oscillating synths and smooth, polished beats, Rouge’s sound is utterly intoxicating, grabbing the listener from the very first note and holding them hostage throughout. 

A standout on the EP is “The Other Man”—a hypnotic mix of Honne meets The Weeknd, the song is both sexy and cool, with Rouge airing a sense of magnetism. Then there is “Run It Back”, a track which shoots shivers down your spine, it glistens with brooding, cinematic instrumentation and painfully romantic lyrics. 

Blood On the Scene is everything you want it to be. Not only does it make you instantly hit repeat, but the songwriters use of real and exposed lyrics allows us to feel a connection, much stronger than just sound. Rouge shares, “The message in my music overall is always relatable, something you’ve been through can and always affect the decisions you make in the future. My songs are linked to each other, I like to convey a story and be as honest and forthcoming as I can."