Jenny Alice Watts

After the unexpected release of his folk-inspired five-track project, Cape Elizabeth EP, via Republic Records from earlier this spring, Noah Kahan has collaborated with Oakland’s very own, mxmtoon on his newest single, “Pride” as the two duets giving a lyrical dialogue examining this aspect of modern-day relationships.

Throughout the track, Kahan illustrates an emotional viewpoint of sound, as it explores the regrets and broken promises of a failed relationship through the perspective of social media and the issues that it can cause. 

Jenny Alice Watts

Produced by Alexander 23, “Pride" is backed with acoustic pop elements and unadorned guitar riffs as the track displays Kahan’s renowned relatable songwriting craft by taking his personal experiences and lyricizing them, such as when sings: 

"You don’t have to call, cuz the photos say it all. I see you’re letting your hair down taking all your new friends out. It hurts my pride just a little, yes I die just a little, every time."

Be sure to listen to the full track below as well as on all streaming platforms. For more updates on Noah Kahan, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter.