Alasdair McLellan

At last, Sam Smith's new album Love Goes has arrived.

Originally scheduled to be released earlier this year, the new record was released Friday, featuring their previously released single "Diamonds."

“The last two years has been the most experimental time of my life, personally but also musically," says Smith. "Every time I went into the studio, I promised myself I would shoot for the stars and have no limitations. The result has been so magical and so therapeutic and FUN. My love for music is so broad and all of my musical guilty pleasures became pleasures. No guilt, no shame, just the love of singing and creating and dancing."

They add: "I am so thankful to every human who embraced my creativity and direction and allowed me to be whoever I wanted to be in that studio on that day…listen to these songs with an open heart and treat each song like a different flower from the garden, have fun with them. I tried not to take myself too seriously when writing a few of these songs. I hope they make you smile, because they made and make me."

Hear the full album below.