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SG Lewis has finally confirmed a release date for his debut album.

The U.K. songwriter-producer has shared a new song called "Feed The Fire," which features Lucky Dave. And it's a preview of Lewis' long-awaited full-length times, which is coming Feb. 19 via Republic Records. 

"'Feed The Fire' is the kind of song I’ve wanted to make for a long time and one of my favourites on the album," says Lewis. "Lucky’s album Painted is in constant rotation for me and I’d always wanted to hear what he would sound like on something club tempo—the result is better than I ever could have hoped for. So much of this album was inspired by my love of Jamiroquai, so to have Matt Johnson and Simon Hale involved on this song is very surreal.”

The new song and the album confirmation follows a string of recent releases such as the Robyn and Channel Tres-assisted single "Impact."

Hear "Feed the Fire" below.