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While COIN opened the year with their incredible new record Dreamland, it seems like a lifetime ago given the current state of the world.

Of course, the health crisis affected the band rather quickly, forcing the band to scrap their tour after only two shows and challenging the trio's ability to refocus while also rediscovering their love of music.

As we previously mentioned, they returned late last month from a period of relative silence with their new song "You Are the Traffic," which was heavily influenced by early 2000s rock and came along with an update from frontman Chase Lawrence about having written "a lot of songs" during quarantine. And as we correctly guessed, a surge of new material was incoming.

On Friday, COIN released the first of three such installments of new music in the form of their Rainbow Mixtape, led by the Indigo Violet EP, the first in the series, reflective of the mood represented by the colors in the title.

"We came home, somewhat aimless," recalls Lawrence of the period post-tour cancelation. "But quickly, we re-centered and found a new love of music and songwriting. We looked back on how and why we got 'here.'"

He continues: "Sometimes, consuming music on the internet is like seeing a 2D version of an artist. We wanted to give our audience a full picture of who we are and where we are. Rainbow Mixtape is a collection of EPs organized by theme and color. Each color EP is from a different corner of our brains, sonically and lyrically. From early 2000s rock to 60s love songs to modern hip hop. From what it means to be human to love to heartbreak. Rainbow Mixtape is a holographic image of COIN."

Hear Indigo Violet below.