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COIN kicked off 2020 with a massive new record and plans for a tour in support. The album, Dreamland, arrived just days before the world seemingly unraveled because of the ongoing health crisis, forcing the band (and nearly every other touring act) to scrap their plans.

There's no denying, Dreamland is an incredible body of work. And fans would have likely been no less appreciative if that was all they got from COIN this year.

But then earlier this week, essentially with little warning, they announced plans to release a new song called "You Are The Traffic," which arrived Friday with an accompanying video. And while singer Chase Lawrence's vocals anchor the new cut, the band is clearly diving into some new territory, leaning on early 2000s rock influences perhaps instead of their signature, infectious pop-rock instincts.

According to Lawrence, he largely went off the grid in the months since their album's release and "started writing a lot of songs." So it's likely this is just the beginning of a surge of new material from COIN.

Watch the video for "You Are The Traffic" below.