Zoe Sher

Over the weekend, Los Angeles-based artist Austin Ward shared his debut Side A EP, and it includes his newly released track "New Tattoo."

The tantalizing new cut showcases the Mississippi native's immense songwriting and vocal talents. As an artist, he says his music draws influence on Southern icons such as Albert King and Elvis Presley, while also being informed by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Local Natives. 

Side A is a meditation on introspection—sifting through tired love, loss of innocence, the self-doubt of early adulthood,” says Ward of his new EP. “I hope these songs feel good to anyone sitting in the back of a car, staring out the window, pondering whatever they might be going through at the moment, in need of refuge. I hope that people can find their own story in them, and come away with some kind of catharsis."

Ward previously made a name for himself working behind the scenes as a producer for such acts as G-Eazy and Brandon Banks, but now it's clear he's ready to take the reins and step into the spotlight himself.

Hear "New Tattoo" below and listen to the full EP here.