Collin Erie

While the rest of us have been trying to figure out the quarantine/remote life, emerging duo FIERO is a band whose members aren't even in the same timezone and they're making incredible music nonetheless.

Made up of Kelsey Bulkin, who lives in Los Angeles, and Joseph Bogan, who is based in Nashville, the duo earlier this summer shared their glistening single "Coupe," which is absolutely infectious, a perfectly kaleidoscopic pop gem, which anchors their newly released Reunion EP.

"'Coupe' is about making the call, turning the keys in the ignition and trusting that the other person will come along for the ride," the band says of the single. But it's worth noting, the full EP is definitely worth a listen. 

It's unclear what the future holds for this long-distance duo, but we're hoping for plenty more music.

Listen to the Reunion EP below.