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Aimee Van der Kruik and Juliana Ebert (aka Love Level) have shared a new song which is a keeper, even if the song is about bad relationships.

The Australian duo has shared their single "Bad Bye," a song which has evolved since they first began working on it, eventually coming to be reflective of the need to stand your ground when you're in the middle of an unhealthy friendship.

“When we first wrote ‘Bad Bye’ we were super unsure about what direction we wanted to take it in, so it remained unfinished for almost a year," says the pair. "We went through phases of hating it and then loving it and then completely changing it; in fact, it was the most indecisive we’ve ever been with a song. We started working on the track with Callum MacDonald of daste. And he had some really cool ideas. When he brought them to life, we knew we had to release the song."

They add: "When you’re in a toxic friendship, it’s so easy to sacrifice your own feelings for the sake of protecting the other person’s feelings. For us, this song is about standing up for yourself and speaking your mind when you’ve stayed silent for so long."

Hear the song below.