Photo courtesy artist

Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Gross (who performs as Skinny Dippers) has released a new song called "Panties," and it's kind of irresistible.

Yes, there's a lot going on there. Skinny Dippers is just a guy—Ryan. His music draws influence from the jangly sounds of Pavement and The Cure with some doses of STRFKR and JR JR. His new song is indeed called "Panties" and it was co-produced by Harper James of Variance favorite outfit Eighty Ninety.

"'Panties' was born out of my habit of humming/singing my thoughts out loud and a bit too much time spent on Instagram," he says, leaving the rest to our imagination. "It’s a playful ode to realizing a romantic relationship is over by having the evidence broadcast into your eyeballs."

Even if the song is "playful," Gross says he likes when songs are fun yet "also rooted in real experiences," as is the case with his new release.

Hear "Panties" below.