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Variance favorites Refs are back with new music.

The New York City and Berlin-based duo returned Friday with their new song "Run," once again showcasing singer Rich Saunders' velvet vocals fused with bandmate Zach Lipkins' translucent production, making for a truly captivating listen.

"I don’t think I’m alone in that quarantine forced me to sit with myself and evaluate," says Saunders. "Stuff I usually try to forget about, both consciously and subconsciously—painful memories, demons, weird dreams, regrets—became a lot harder to avoid."

He continues: "One thing I started thinking about a lot was my own and my family and friends’ mortality. I know it’s kind of morbid for a pop song, but I wrote this tune with Zach last spring as a self-reminder that life is short and fleeting. Might as well spend your time doing exactly what you care about the most."

Hear "Run" below.