Hugo Kohler

Newcomer Will Hyde is continuing his rise this week with his new song "dark until september."

The moving new track is the Melbourne native's latest single, a preview of his upcoming with you in mind EP, which is out on Oct. 23 via Pack Records. Once again showcasing his breathtaking vocals, this latest track is perhaps his most confessional yet.

"I wrote 'dark until september.' during a time in my life when everything was falling apart,” he says. “I was evaluating a lot of things in my world—the person I had become, the person I wanted to be in the future and I had sort of fallen out of love with the music industry. Even tho I felt those feelings I still found myself in a different state, away from home, traveling by bus for two hours to do studio sessions..."

He continues: "I was realising that some of the relationships I had in my life weren’t as reliable as I thought. I was searching for something in others and that left me feeling sort of empty. This is me looking for love inside myself in a time when all I felt was hopeless and tired."

Hear the new song below.