Lotta Boman

Birdy kicked off the weekend with the release of her new song "Island Lights."

The absolutely glowing new track is a preview of the singer's upcoming Piano Sketches EP, which is out Nov. 6 via Atlantic Records. And like the project's title suggests, the stirring new offering features Birdy's soaring vocals accompanied only a piano.

"Some days end and take whole chapters of our lives with them," she says. "This song is about one of those nights.”

Speaking of her return after her 2016 album Beautiful Lies: “I’ve spent the last few years recording a new album coming next year, which I’m super excited to share. I wrote a load of music I’m so proud of that might not normally have seen the light of day. I’ll be releasing the tracks stripped back over the coming months ahead of the album.”

Hear "Island Lights" below.