Andrew Reiner

Austin based indie pop duo Summer Salt create breezy, tropical infused rock.  Building a dedicated following by touring relentlessly, the duo also are prolific in their ability to pen infectious earworms.  Their latest offering entitled Avenue G is essentially a revival album with songs written from when the band was young.  Matthew Terry confides, "Avenue G is now a landmark for us, the heart of Austin tx, where we started. We wanted to make an ep dedicated to that and start a chronicle for songs that we wrote when we were younger, revisit them, and bring them back to life. I think it's a nice way of revisiting the past and displaying our history musically through lyrics and the songs."

"Little Legs" is the standout single on the four track release.  Sonically, "Little Legs" is filled with 60s inspired bright guitar riffs, Brazilian tropicalia soundscapes and warm melodies.  The listener is transported to hot summers and beach days by the water.  "Little Legs" is about finding your strength in emotional stability instead of physicality. 

The EP concludes with "Palm Tree on Avenue G" which drips in nostalgia as well as hope for the future.  Detailing the simple treasures in life, "Palm Tree on Avenue G" discusses the plan for a future home filled with childhood relics such as a TV filled with cartoons and a witches broom. It's a light hearted track showcasing what Summer Salt does best, bringing glimpses of happy day dreams to listeners.